Ars Sathanae II


The Winnowing

(music/lyrics: Antares)

Repeating cycle
The time has come
The voice leads me
Through cursed fog
Howling songs of agony
Tears black as tar
This garden rots

Remember nothing
My mind is lost
The oldest darkness
Devoured my name
The dancing hollow
These hunting nightmares
Have my eyes
I see them clear

Tell me about the place
You want to go
Tell me about the dreams
You dreamed ages ago
Tell me about who you want to become
The path of the insane
The cursed lake awaits

Swamp Fall Burial

(music: Antares, Vulpus, Hipnagog)
(lyrics: Antares)

A long time ago
Life was like a rose
Thorned yet beautiful

He was dead
Long before
He drowned in
The swamp

I would like to cheat life
I would like to cheat death
An unholy sacrifice
To the river of tears

Feelings, thoughts
Float in swarms
Form into
A waterfall

Life despoiled

A Day Of December

(music: Antares, Hipnagog)
(lyrics: Antares)

They have taken all my hope
Humanity - the hollow word
The stronger is the grip I hold
The quicker flows the sand

Given all I had to give
The spirit broken, a bleak doom
Wasted memories, wasted dreams
My oath is damned

I must leave, the "I" must leave
The world did kill, if all is lost
There is only one thing left
The horizon of the sea

Entering a strange boat
The roaring of the waterfall
Down this river take my course
Through these valleys black

Terra Incognita

(music/lyrics: Antares)

The wind blows the sails
The fog clears away
Revealing a path
That leads to the past
They call me the discoverer
Silence and loneliness are my companions
The journals of my predecessors say
Go forwards, follow us

I sail through the icebergs
The blizard is so enormous
And though I am nearing to the edge of the world
Though I grow apart from all of you
Still vanishing, I disappear
I am closer to the only place
Only real place I can call home

The world's end is nearing
Where the sea ends and the void begins
Where it is so fearfully cold
I lose my breath, I cannot breathe

But I will succeed
Now I can hear them call
They are calling my name
I am going